Happy Masking


Hi,  my name is Colleen and Thank You for visiting my page.  I would love to give you a quick glimpse  of who I am and how Scented Life was born.

First let me say - I am definitely an over achiever type personality - in a good way - I wake up in the morning and I hit the floor running - even on the weekends. Crazy- Right? There is always something that needs to get done. I always hear my Grandmother saying "Just get it done -It's got to get done".  Miss her everyday. 

I love that I am ALWAYS looking for the GOOD in everything, every person, every situation, everyday.

I am married to my wonderful husband for 25 years who is a chiropractor and we have

3 amazing children. 

And one thing that is very true to me is I have  lived  a Holistic and Homeopathic life style since my teen years.

So in my world "When handed a Lemon - Make the best Lemonade ever!"  Well, with this unfortunate World Pandemic - I kept hearing folks commenting about having to wear face masks. How everyone, including myself, was finding it unpleasant to smell their coffee or tea breath or their lunch while having to wear a mask at work, at school, at a doctors appointment, at a restaurant, actually any an all public places.  I am sure you can totally relate.  So I set out to search for a Scented Mask that would be pleasant  to breathe in so I didn't have to be reminded of what I had at my last meal.

However, I searched and searched and to no avail could I find a Scented Mask.  At that point I decided I would make them myself.  However, being holistic and homeopathic of course I wanted the ingredients to be as pure and natural as possible - so bring on the Essential Oils - Right? Well, here comes all the challenges because  it is a common fact, in the Essential Oil world, that Essential and Scenting oils are extremely volatile (unstable) "out of the  bottle."  Most of the Oils scenting "power"  last around 15 minutes.    Just think of your favorite room sprays.  Smells great out of the can, but walk back in the room in 15 minutes and it's pretty much gone. Even linens sprays.  Within minutes there is nothing there or a very faint scent. Why? Without getting scientific and technical, its simply because the oils can't penetrate the fabrics and they evaporate too fast.  Plus, the commercial scenting products are mostly water.  

I personally didn't want to scent a mask and only have the scent last 15 minutes. But there had to be a way. And I was on a mission - no matter what - to figure it out.

 So I did extensive research and even created my own "Research and Development" Lab and then Eureka!  I figured out how to successfully scent materials such as Disposable and Washable Face Masks with Essential and Fragrance Oils to stabilize and scent for hours. and even days.  I now have my patent pending with the United States Patent Office for my Scenting Formula for Woven and Non Woven Fabrics.

And that is how Scented Life was born.

I want to bring some positive light into the mask wearing experience and definitely make it fun for everyone  with my Colored Scented Masks, and the  Scent Your Own Mask Kits, and of course our Scent of the Month. Just wait for the up coming Holidays Scents! 

I would love to personally Thank you sooooooooo much for stopping and shopping with me today. Please leave any comments - I would love to hear from you.  Happy Masking!


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