Frequently asked questions

How are the Masks Scented?

Each Mask is individually scented using our patent pending formula with a high pressured dry spray technique. This allows the scented formula to penetrate the non wovem material to scent for hours and in most cases days.

What if myself or a family member has allergies to Essential Oils?

If you or a family member have known allergies to Essential Oils, please consult your physcian before using these products. All these products contain and/or are prosessed in an environment where Essentiall Oils are presemt.

Do I need to reseal the bag of Scented masks after each use?

Yes Yes Yes, please reseal the "Resealable Bag" after each time taking a mask out of the bag. This will preserve the Scenting properties to have a longer scenting experience.

How many sprays can I get from a 10ml spray bottle?

According to our research,100 Scented sprays from each 10ml spray bottle.

Are the Scented Sprays safe for linens?

Yes, Our patent pending Scented Sprays are safe for linens. We recommend our Lavender Vanilla Scented Spray for your pillows and linens for a nice night sleep. During our research each application has shown to continue to scent linens for days.

How did you get the Scented Masks and Scenting Sprays scents to last so long?

I am from a very engineering lifeline. My great great grandfather and my grandfather and many more relatives are all very deep thinkers. Since I was young my mind never stopped about things. So out of my own need to find a Scented Mask - which I could not find anywhere - I set our and Patented my discovry. i took ingredients that on their own are very unstable and volitile and made them "shake hands" pretty much and play nice in the "sandbox". Hence, got the scenting oils to last not just minutes but for hours and even days.

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