10 - disposable 3 ply face masks are scented with our Essential & Fragrance Oil blends  using our state of the art technology (Patent Pending USPO 17002312).  Each set of face masks are sealed in an odor proof, water proof, resealable bag.  IMPORTANT - to extend the scent of the masks, it is recommended the resealable bag be kept in a dry, room temperature environment and closed completely and properly after anytime opening the bag. HAPPY MASKING

10 - Harvest Pumpkin Spice Adult Scented Masks

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  • These masks are a 3 ply disposable masks for single/daily use. The scent is designed to assist in a more enjoyable scented experience dealing with  the oral odors trapped inside the mask as you exhale.  Depending on the consumer -the masks scents are designed to last up to 6-8 hours with normal breathing.